Hotel Facilities and Parking

Hotels offer different types of facilities. You should always check if the hotel where you plan to stay has the facilities that you need. gatwick hotel and parking facilities are needed by people flying from the nearby airport. Following are some important facilities that you will find in most major hotels. These facilities are available in addition to the standard lodging and daily meal services.

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Hotels generally include costs of daily meals in their room charge. You may want to use the hotel restaurant facility when you want to eat something different. Take your guests to the restaurant. This place is open even for other people not staying at the hotel.


Most hotels now offer high speed Internet access. This facility may be complimentary or you may have to pay a fee. If you will consume lots of data, it is better to stay at a hotel that offers free Internet access. It is the most important facility that business travellers need.

Room Service

You can enjoy your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in the comfort of your room itself. The facility is available 24 hours a day in large hotels. Call the room service department. Check the timings when you can place the orders for your meals. Wine and alcoholic beverages are also delivered at the doorstep.


You need parking facility if you arrive at the hotel in a car. Parking space is offered for free to the residents, event delegates, restaurant and bar guests, visitors visiting the hotel to make enquiry, health and fitness centre members, and function guests. Other guests and visitors have to pay a fee to use the hotel's parking facility.

Laundry Service

Most hotels offer same day laundry service to their resident guests. You will have to pay charges for the laundry service. The cost depends on the types and numbers of clothes you send for cleaning. The service charge increases if you want your clothes dry cleaned or ironed.

Event and Meeting Facilities

Hotels have meeting rooms that can be hired on hourly or per day basis. The meeting rooms are equipped with multimedia systems. Many hotels have a large conference hall where large events can be held. At some places, you can invite hundreds of delegates and visitors to the event venue.

Health and Fitness

Large hotels have health and fitness centres. Visit the gym to sculpt your body. Participate in a fitness activity at the fitness centre. You will be guided by the trained and expert trainers. There may be a charge for using this type of facility.